Pearls are a beautiful jewelry complement to almost any attire. Own your very own Perfect Pearl, sent to you in its Akoya oyster shell. Experience the unique wonder of opening up the oyster to see your very own cultured pearl nestled inside. It’s also the perfect gift for someone special and close to your heart.

Pearls symbolize beauty, wealth and good fortune. Fashion-wise, they go with almost any kind of attire. They look good with a formal gown or dress but paired with a casual blouse and jeans, pearls are still as great-looking. This is one piece of jewelry that you need to always have in your jewelry collection. And if you are thinking of a unique gift to give to the lady of your heart or to a special friend, what better gift to surprise her with than the Perfect Pearl.

A lot of care goes to the growing of each Perfect Pearl. Each Perfect Pearl takes up to 5 years to mature inside its very own Akoya oyster. And to be sure that you enjoy your own pearl, each one sent out is first x-rayed to ensure the pearl inside is as perfect as can be. An opener comes with your Perfect Pearl. Just insert it into the shell, pop the shell open and find your perfectly cultured pearl inside.

The pearl you order can come in any of 5 different pearl shades: white (wisdom), purple (wealth), cream (success), peach (health) and black (love). It would be fun to try guessing which shade your pearl will come in. And to add the final touches, your Perfect Pearl comes with a genuine silver-finished locket and 16-inch chain.  Pop the pearl into the locket, attach the chain and you’re ready to wear your Perfect Pearl around your neck.

Enhance your look, whether you are casually dressed or in a formal attire, with your own Perfect Pearl. The elegance that the pearl lends to your outfit is something you will love every time.

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