What you wear can make a big difference in the world, a difference that is bigger than—yet still includes—just looking good. Peace Love World is the place to find clothes and accessories that inspire, and that (literally) make the world a better place, one tee at a time. Peace Love World may seem like a typical fashion brand, but it is actually much more than that in more ways than one. Aside from just clothes, jewelry and accessories for men, women and youngsters, there are also numerous items you will find for your gadgets, home, car, pets, and more. And more than just being stylish, Peace Love World aims to promote a world of harmony and happiness through the messages it carries in its different product lines. Talk about big deeds in simple things.

Alina Villasante, visionary of Peace Love World, knew that spreading peace, love and happiness was possible through her creations. So, she did just that. What started as her own way of living became something she wanted to share with anybody who wanted to do the same. Whether you are interested in truly wearing your heart on your sleeve or doing something a little more specific to give back, Peace Love World helps you do your part.


If you’ve heard of the phrase “Buy One, Take One”, you’ll be glad to know that you can now “Buy One, Give One” all throughout 2011. For each shirt you buy online at Peace Love World, a less fortunate child from places such as Haiti or American shelters will be dressed in a Peace Love World shirt, too. Care to increase awareness about important causes? Breast cancer is a disease that has affected so many loved ones around the world. You can now support this cause just by getting a “Hope & Love” shirt. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to breast cancer issues. Peace Love World also has items promoting the “Don’t Text and Drive” message, a message that has grown increasingly important over the last decade.

You can get your hands on Peace Love World merchandise several ways. With stores in Florida, numerous independent stores carrying Peace Love World items (both in the U.S. and in select international locations), and an impressive wide-ranging Online Store, you can find an awesome new item and start making people smile today.

Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga have been spotted sporting Peace Love World pieces. Other celebrities and countless fans have professed their love for the brand, too. Peace Love World is a simple brand that carries important positive messages that everybody can relate to. Spread some good vibes with Peace Love World now!