Why make do with those off-the-rack tees and other clothing accessories that are so common that you may walk down the street and find someone else wearing the same items! Be different and make your tees, bags and accessories look like you're making a statement. Really fun, vintage, or classic tees that make you stand out in the crowd is the effect that PalmerCash wants on anyone who wears his line of tees and accessories.

PalmerCash really started out small in the Fall of 2003 -- so small that its operations were out of a one-car garage where the washer and dryer were. PalmerCash was started with only a few tee designs but in just a couple of years, those shirts sold reached over a million. PalmerCash scours the world for those unique tee designs that just catch the eye. Some take on a funny theme (such as those that read "The No. 2 pencil is mightier than the sword"; others echo something you may feel passionately about, such as the "Help Japan Relief" tee; and still others just show a visual image that makes a statement.

While PalmerCash started out with tees, they now offer other lines as well such as hoodies, socks, dresses, bottoms, shoes, hats and bags. It's so much fun to wear a PalmerCash because not only are the designs uncommon, but they also fit you whether you want to be quirky one day, funny the next or just want a traditionally classic look another time. Men, women and even kids will love to browse through the wide collection of PalmerCash.

Ladies, you'll love the PalmerCash tee because they are more tailored and figure-hugging to really bring out and compliment your figure. The sizes are more attuned to the European/Vintage sizing rather than the hanes or Fruit of the Loom sizes so note that when choosing your tee size. However, if you prefer the looser and longer tees, get the men's sized tee which is unisex.

If you want to have a unique look that complements the look you want, down to the accessories that go with it, PalmerCash is one place to go to.