pajamacity-com pajama footiesFooted pajamas are the most comfortable and warmest pieces of sleepwear in your child’s closet, now you can have the very same warm and cozy feeling that you children do every time they put on their footed pajamas. offers the world’s widest and most amazing selection of footed pajamas for adults of all sizes.

At you will be able to find the perfect sized footed pajamas regardless of your height – the perfect sizes to fit everyone from below average height (as short as four and a half feet) all the way up to professional basketball players topping out at a monstrous seven feet will find super comfortable and very stylish footed pajamas that fit like a glove. Most pajamas are sized by the generic “small,” “medium” or “large,” which doesn’t really tell you exactly what you are getting and often leads to ill fitting garments – but at you shop according to your height, so you are guaranteed a great fit every time.

Are you someone who loves variety? has an excellent selection of solids and patterns to choose from, so regardless of how tame or how wild you like your sleepwear to be, you’ll be able to find something that you love. From basic black or white to rubber duckies or dinosaurs, literally has it all.

Aside from skimpy lingerie and unattractive flannel pajamas, there isn’t a whole lot of selection for adults at most stores, if you want something different, something fun and something incredibly comfortable to wear to bed, stop at

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