Getting red bruises on your stomach caused by buttons or zippers on your jeans are unattractive to see and feel very uncomfortable. Don’t let anything get in the way of wearing your favorite sexy party or sport outfits because of these markings. Did you know that there are jeans that look fashionable and yet feel as comfortable as pajamas? Pajama Jeans allow you to step out in style and comfort and yet are expandable and soft enough for you to fall asleep in it.

Pajama Jeans are made from DermiSoft Fabric which combines cotton and spandex, making it as soft as a baby’s blanket. The jeans look exactly like a regular pair of jeans, with its smart detailing of design, contrast stitching, brass rivets, and front and back pockets. The only difference is that it has a mock fly with no buttons or zippers. Pajama Jeans fit anyone to a tee. There are eight sizes to choose from: XS to 3XL. The Pajama Jeans cling to your body like a regular pair of boot-cut jeans, only better because it doesn’t leave any marks on your stomach. For women who need to balance family and career simultaneously, you will want to wear a pair of Pajama Jeans so you can go about your day shopping, working out, bringing the kids to school, or traveling in style. And after a busy day, you can plop into a sofa or your bed and fall right asleep in comfort because Pajama Jeans won't constrict your body. They're as comfy as your regular PJs. And, because Pajama Jeans are lightweight and wrinkle resistant, they are the best outfit to bring when you are always on the go.With your order, Pajama Jeans will also come with a free grey crewneck tee that will complete your outfit.

With Pajama Jeans, you get a sexy-looking body all the time because it hugs your figure in a complimenting way. Pajama Jeans look stylish even with sandals or sneakers. Discover the comfort and convenience of a pair of jeans that you can use to step out in style with and still be able to sleep with.

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