oohiloveListen, ladies before you buy a new Chanel, Vitton or Gucci or if you desire to have a Tiffany, don't just spend the budget, bid it!

What is that, you may ask? Well... it's the way you can buy something totally expensive at an enormous discount, but you have to grab it from someone else as all items on this site starts at ZERO when the auction starts. Unbelievable? But it's true! This is how it works. You got the money to buy and you go to the Oohilove site. You find the item you want and it's super cheap but there are a few other women that may want to buy the same item to, so you have got to be the auction winner by bidding.

Oohilove is an online auction store for those who indulge their luxurious taste in style. The latest in accessories can be yours at a fraction of the price, if you follow a few simple steps.

First, you become a member of this prestigious auction site. Membership is FREE and they'll give you one complimentary bid worth $0.99 to start you off. Then you buy a bid packet. You may want to have a go for it just once, so you can buy a small bid packet, or become a serious auction buyer and get a larger packet that gives you a discounted rate. Armed with your bid packet, go back to the main auction page, pick the items that you want and start bidding.

There's a countdown timer which indicates how much more time is left before the item can be sold. If you are the last bidder when the timer reaches zero, the item is yours! If you don't win, there is usually is an option for you to buy the item minus the total amount that you had spent in bidding for it.

Ohhilove is one of the most exciting sites in town. It's not a game, it is an all-out arena where bargain shoppers can battle it out to get a terrific item at an incredibly low price. As the timer gets nearer to zero, the excitement heats up. It's like a race where the smartest shopper will win the price. Winning a bid at Ohhilove is not based is amount of money you have to bid, you can win the item by doing it strategically, placing the right bid in the last few seconds will give you a better chance of winning.

If you don't have the time to do the strategy yourself, program your very own virtual assistant to do the bids by setting the maximum and minimum bid amount and the number of times it will bid. You can off and relax, play tennis with your friends, have lunch out, go to the spa, and when you come back home, find out if you have just won something like a Gucci bag for $47.00! Take a minute or two to see what's on display at the auction room and decide if you want to have the best in accessories by winning it today. Let's go for it, ladies! See you at the auction room.

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