is a great site, I have bought many shirts and they are great to give as gifts. A lot of them bring me back to childhood and the 80’s era, an era of toys and really cool electronics. They will ship your order to you fast and my orders have always been correct with No issues at all. They have a variety of super cool stuff from t-shirts and hoodies to watches and belt buckles. Whether your 18 or 50, they have a little something funny for everyone which works out great. The offer returns and exchanges and even 10 bucks off your order when you send them a picture of you wearing a nerdy shirt, how cool is that?

I bought the quick fix Nintendo shirt for my brother because I remember him blowing into the cartridges of all his Nintendo games when we were little just to get them to work. The nerdy shirts are hilarious because they are so very true. The Casio retro calculator watch is classic, every nerd had one of those things it’s amazing that they are even still around; that was the master of electronics back then. One more thing I have to add that I bought was the Nintendo family tree hoodies, all I can say is funny, funny, funny.

This is a great site to buy from and they always have a wide variety of new cool items and tees to shop for and I am always amazed as to what funny stuff they come up with next. I check back here every couple weeks because new products are always being added. I am always so surprised at the memories their amusing products brings back. It’s like living life as a kid all over again. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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