MicroWalletTraditional wallets aren’t designed to hold a lot of things, by the time you put your money, credit cards, driver’s license and photos in them they are beyond their limit and can barely close. Double stuffing cards and photos into small slots can damage your wallet and drastically shorten its life, but most people just have too much for a normal wallet to handle. Purses, on the other hand, tend to collect clutter. The bigger they are, the more you’ll stuff into them causing you to fumble and bumble your way through the checkout line at the store, not able to find anything that you need.

The perfect happy medium to the situation of storing everything you need lies in the Micro
Wallet. The Micro Wallet has 16 expandable pockets to hold your credit cards, your photos, your insurance card, or anything else you need – and the Micro Wallet has separate places for your bills, your change, your spare key and it even has a clear outer window to display your identification without having to remove it.

The Micro Wallet has enough room for everything you need, plus more and it will keep your money and cards neatly organized so you know exactly where everything is without ever misplacing anything. The Micro Wallet is good for everyone who has struggled at one point or another with organization in this area of their life. With the Micro Wallet you’ll have everything you need, neatly organized in the palm of your hand, all held safely and securely with zipper enclosures. Once you’ve tried the Micro Wallet, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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