Lindsay PhillipsHow would you like it if you had only one pair of flipflops but no one ever knew that because every time you stepped out of your home, you wore a different-looking pair? When she was 16, a girl came up with the idea of switchable flipflops as part of her high school art project and today, her company, Lindsay Phillips, employs 35 full-time staffers and is expected to bring in $30 million in revenues. The idea, so simple, involves investing in just one pair of sandals with as many different replacement straps as you want. Imagine your savings and still look as though you had a closet full of flipflops!

Lindsay Phillips gives you more than a dozen different sandal looks. And it’s so easy. On the site, just select a base sandal look and then select the strap/s you want to go with it. The Lulu line of flipflops come in different colors. Lilly Cork sandals come with 2-inch heels, a cork base and ruffled signature straps. The Marie line has a ½ inch polyurethane wrap on the base. The new Jordi line is available in very bright and vibrant colors. It’s made of very soft, foamy material that makes your feet feel comfortable no matter how long you are on your feet. Lindsay Phillips also carries Snap Shoes – choose a shoe and a clip-on and snap it on. The Liz line of ballet shoes has a wide variety of clip-ons that make you look like you have different shoes. Just a few pairs of flipflops and shoes and a wide range of interchangeable straps will make you look like you have brand new footwear every time. Besides flipflops and snap shoes, Lindsay Phillips now carries scarves as well that you can arrange in muffler style, tie style, loop style or classic style. They carry flipflops for kids as well with similarly interchangeable straps.

With Lindsay Phillips, your entire family can enjoy a lot of savings in footwear by buying just a few pieces and several other straps to switch, depending on the occasion.

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