You can feel confident in fitted clothes but bulges can make it seem not so fitting, bulges from pinchable extras or even just the tension from your bra straps can easily be smoothed out with Kymaro Shrug Shaper.

Kymaro Shrug Shaper smooths your upper back, slims down arm fat, 'perks up the girls' and gives you amazing cleavage, they also claim to improve your posture instantly. If you ask me, when I feel confident in my fitted clothes with everything tucked away and curved out in the right areas - absolutely, I tend to stand up straight and with more confidence... so in a way, you can say that it improves your posture instantly.

No really though, women with a large bust size over time can suffer from curvature of the spine if they don't have proper support. The Kymaro Shrug Shaper can help offset this issue by lifting the bust into place and through the use of special support straps in the back. For my situation this was not an issue, so for you women with larger bust sizes that can comment on how Kymaro Shrug Shaper helped you - Please share your own Kymaro Shrug Shaper review below.

Kymaro Shrug Shaper can be worn with any of your favorite bras and has an adjustable front closure that fastens easily under your bust. There are no other additional wires, straps or clasps which definitely adds to a comfortable fit and made from totally breathable fabric keeps your from feeling sweaty and sticky under Kymaro Shrug Shaper.

Right now as a bonus you get the Kymaro Bottom Shaper to help support your hips, rear and thighs! Click Here to get your Kymaro Shrug Shaper and BONUS GIFTS!

Sizes and Options
Kymaro Shrug Shaper available in Black and Nude - small, medium, large, XL, 2X, 3X
Kymaro Bottom Shaper available in Black or Nude - size 1-6