knifty knitterKnits are a cool way to stay warm. Comfy, cuddly sweaters are a fall staple as are colourful, textured scarves. These things can be expensive though, and small items like hats and mittens get lost easily, especially by children. If you have a little time and creativity you can easily make your own knits to share, wear and love!

The Knifty Knitter is a unique system that lets even the clumsiest crafter create beautiful knit goods. You can make scarves, mittens, blankets, gifts, toys, clothing and more simply with this product. It comes with different sized looms that let you make whatever you want, whatever size you need. And you don’t have to be a craft expert. Knifty Knitter comes with a “how to” book and an instructional DVD to help you get started.

Save money by knitting clothing for yourself and your family. Give beautiful, custom, personalized gifts that your friends and family will truly appreciate. Have some fun spending time relaxing alone, or invite a friend to knit with you and have a great conversation while you produce something useful and eye-catching. Kids can use the product too, building important hand eye coordination and improved creativity. Give the Knifty Knitter it as a gift to anyone who likes wearing knits and working with their hands.

And don’t worry about sore fingers. Unlike traditional knitting, the Knifty Knitter won’t hurt your fingers. It doesn’t require dangerous needles so anyone can do it including seniors and children. Now you can knit anywhere including school, work, on the bus, at the airport, whiel watching your kids’ hockey, at birthday parties! And because the system is so easy, you will make fewer mistakes and get great results. All you need to do is choose which color and texture of wool you like, pop in the DVD and get going!

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