Island Surf is the No.1 choice for the beach lover and surfer lifestyle. Deal of the Day for Reef Sandals and more gives incomparable savings.

Spending a day at the beach needs gear and clothing that are created for the environment and reduces the carbon footprint that we make.

Choosing low environmental impact items enables us to do our part in saving the shores that we love so that it may be enjoyed by the future generations.

For comfort, durability, and fashionable items, explore the advantages of shopping at the online surfing gear and accessories store that provides eco-friendly products for men, women, and children with this Island Surf review.

Island Surf
For The Beachcomber and the Surfer

Island Surf Footwear

Be it for that occasional sunny day at the beach, wearing a great pair of island gear flip flops and sandals does make the difference.

The comfort level is upgraded, the walk along the sand is easier, and sloshing in the water is more fun as these kinds of footwear have a better fit.

Ordinary flip flops are not created for the wear and tear of the sand and surf environment as those are ideal for the street.

Island Surf has footwear that protects the feet from the heat of the sand, sharp rocks, and corals. The thickness of the sole does it's work to walk a lot safer. Some of the flip flops are designed with grooves and curves that helps the one who wants to walk the endless stretch of sand a better experience.

The width of the V-straps of island gear are typically wider and made from a heavy duty fabric. Island gear doesn't feel all squish when wet with water nor does it shovel in the sand in unlike ordinary flip flops.

One of Island Surf's Deal of the Day items was the Mens Playa Negra Sandals which was created by the excellent Reef brand.  The original retail price was $47.95 . The Deal of the Day Price was only $19.98 for savings of $27.97. These Reef Supreme Collection sandals have the following features:

- Low environmental impact design
- Thermo-sliced footbed
- Contoured EVA midsole
- Molded outsole
- With soft textile lining
- Water friendly synthetic leather upper
- Partly made from recycled materials

Other footwear at Island Surf include:

Vibram FiveFingers
Waterproof Boots
Sonic Glove Shoes
Sidewalk Surfers
Yoga Safari Sandals

Island Surf Clothing

For having fun in the sun, the cool clothes and accessories are on sale at super low prices. A few of these items are board shorts, walking shorts, swimwear, hats, beanies, sweats, sunglasses, and more.

For the one who like water sports, Island Surf has some of the most durable brands of dive skins and surfing equipment like Dakine, Patagonia, Salt Life, and Xcel.

For hydration, there is Camelbak and HDX Hydration items that keep your drinks cool and clean, plus powdered beverage drink mixes.

Shop at Island Surf, the company that helps reduce our carbon footprint simply by using the selection of low environmental impact items of which 75% of total orders are shipped via UPS Carbon Neutral.

In business since 1980, after over 3 decades, Island Surf gives the quality  assurance of excellent products and provides superb customer service.

Browse this review's featured site today to see what is the latest products specifically created to achieve stylish comfort and have the durability ideal for the beach lover's and surfer lifestyle.