What do you do when you’ve lost weight and a favorite shirt, dress, skirt or pair of pants you love hangs loose? When you and your kids have clothes that require adjustments but you don’t have the time or the money to have it fixed, then let Instant Tailor come to the rescue.   With its quick fix capability that needs no cutting or sewing, Instant Tailor will do the trick for you when you need to tuck it in a little bit here and there. In a matter of seconds, transform your big, loose and baggy outfits into fitted, “tailored” clothes without the need of a seamstress.

Instant Tailor creates instant seams. Your favorite top may have become baggy over time with constant washing but Instant Tailor makes it look tailored and snug against your body in seconds. Suddenly, a frumpy top transforms into a top that hugs your body just right. Adjust the look and length of curtains, bed skirts, tablecloths and many more because Instant Tailor can do it easily. All these is done without dragging out your sewing machine, hand stitching or paying a seamstress to adjust them. Instant Tailor's strong seam stays where you put it, even when the item goes through a wash cycle. Clothes that used to make you look sloppy will now look like they are custom-made. Look sleek, thin and fantastic even in your old wardrobe as you create a “new” wardrobe with the changes you make with Instant Tailor.

Using the Instant Tailor is as easy as 1-2-3. First, fold the fabric inside out.  Pinch where you would like your new seam to be and then place the Instant Tailor on the pinched area to create an instant seam. Voila!  A seam is made without the hassle and the expense. Imagine the money you save with such a versatile product!!

No more spending on new clothes. No more paying a seamstress to make the adjustments we need to make on our clothes and other fabric items. Get your own Instant Tailor now and give those baggy clothes a new, snug and fashionable look once again.