Hip-MonkeyWhen I had my son I wanted to be able to take him places with me and still maintain my good sense of style. I have many friends that went from being fashion savvy women, to wearing their mom jeans and carrying around bland baby packs and nursery rhyme strollers. I wanted to be different. I didn't see any reason why my child and I couldn't carry the same items my friends did, only look great while we were doing it. Everywhere that I went looking for baby items all I found were those cute little items. I must have searched all over before I finally found the perfect place for my baby's items.

Finally, I found a wonderful web site that is called Hip Monkey. When I looked around I was surprised at the amount of cool things that they had that would have my son and I looking great while we still carried around all of the baby accessories that we needed for the day. I got a hip stroller, baby bag, and even a car seat. I was so glad that I found Hip Monkey because I am too young of a mom to have a mom look. Now I can still maintain my youthful look.

Now I have all of my friends asking me where I got my hip baby items. At first I thought about not telling them because I didn't want to have them looking as good as I did, but they are my friends so I told them and now we all look great when we go out together! If you are looking for the hippest baby items out there, then you will want to make sure that you go to Hip Monkey for your baby items. You will be surprised at the stylish items that you will find.

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