Do you have problems with your bra straps? Is your under wire version cutting into your skin? Wearing an uncomfortable bra can easily prevent you from looking great. These problems can be resolved with the Genie Bra. The following reviews will show you that the Genie Bra is a comfortable accessory and will give you an excellent fit.

Review of the Genie Bra - How it works

You may have a full figure or petite figure, but wearing the GenieBra is completely comfortable and will keep your shape looking great. Wearing this bra will not showcase ugly excess weight on your back or make you bulge in the front. The Genie Bra easily conforms to the specific design of your body and will give you the perfect cup size.

You will instantly appear younger and more fit. The Genie Bra is an easy single piece without seams to make it very comfortable. It is so comfortable that you can sleep in the bra with no problems. The secret to the GenieBra is the construction of the fabric. It is designed to provide support without losing the actual shape of your bust.

The GenieBra will make you look great. It also includes extra pads if you feel the need to perk up your bust without other enhancements. These pads are designed in nude, white and black styles. The GenieBra is made in both cheetah and lace prints. The bra is completely washable and will always maintain its shape. There are no special care instructions needed. If you need a life, alignment or shape, the GenieBra will be the perfect solution for you.