The Genie Bra is your genie's wish bra come true! This bra conforms to your shape, so it always fits well. Provides superior support and comfort! Here's the magical Genie Bra review that's going to make your boobs look better!

Women's breast can't be regulated to fit a certain cup size, as the choice are limited from cup A to cup E. That means you are stuck, since there is no in-between choice. What may you do to make a bra fit just perfectly? Is it possible to adjust the cup? It's not. You can wear the Genie Bra that will contour and shape your breasts by conforming to them - not the other way around.

Since the Genie Bra is made from an extra special material called Everlast Comfort Stretch Fabric, it gives excellent support plus an extra lift. Instant breast lift just like magic. The Genie Bra makes wishes come true as you can get a bigger and better bust just by using it! Your bra will never again be too tight or too loose. The boob won't overflow from the cup or be unable to fill the cup. It's going to fit perfectly!

Another reason why the Genie Bra works so well is because it has a wide band. This is integrated into the design to give you the lift and support. The middle of the bra has a different kind of sewing, so the cup will stretch out correctly to make your boobs firm and round, not flat and unnatural. Get rid of the sag instantly with your new Genie Bra.

Hassle to wear old-style bra - this one can be worn on it's own even without a blouse or shirt! It has no hooks that you have to fumble around with, no clips that have to locked in place. Just slip it on. Never again will your bra strap fall off your shoulder, if you are wearing a Genie Bra.

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