Whether you have a business selling fashion jewelry or you are just one of those artsy people who loves to fashion your very own unique, custom jewelry, you will find all the beads, crystals, gemstones and other jewelry accessories you need under one roof when you visit GemMall.com. They've got the widest range of fashion jewelry accessories

Buying ready-made fashion jewelry is fine with some people but for a large group of fashionable and trendy people, they’d rather have something that is uniquely theirs and makes a fashion statement about who they are and what they love. They don’t want to walk into a party or event only to find another woman wearing the exact same jewelry. If you are that kind of person, then GemMall.com makes it so easy for you to make your very own fashion jewelry with their vast selection of beads, crystals, freshwater pearls, and complete jewelry-making tools and supplies.

On GemMall.com, you can take your pick as to how to mix and match the different beads and gemstones to create something uniquely you. Cubic zirconia now comes not just in a transparent, white diamond-like hue. It comes in black, red, yellow, pink and purple. Choose the shape you want because they come in butterfly, heart, cross, leaf, marquise, starfish, teardrop, faceted fan, flower shapes and more.

For classic-looking jewelry, assemble them from GemMall.com’s freshwater pearls that come in different designs and colors. Or give it that Venetian look with the world-famous Murano glass pendants that come in different shapes and styles. To give your jewelry that golden touch, they’ve got 14K gold or gold-filled beads in rope chains, pins, claps, extender beads, jump rings and divider bars.

Ordering is so easy because without having to physically go to a store, you can browse all the items you need on the site, specify the quantity, confirm your order and sit back and wait for it to ship. All major credit cards, including PayPal, are accepted modes of payment. They ship to domestic USA as well as international.

Enjoy making your own fashion jewelry with selections from GemMall.com. Your friends will probably end up asking you to make some for them as well. Not only that. You will always have a unique fashion look when you wear your personal creations made from beads and gemstones from GemMall.com.