EZstringerHave you ever had a favorite pair of sweat pants, pajamas, cargo pants, shorts or even bikinis that you wanted to continue using but the drawstrings had ripped or were beyond repair? Or sometimes, the drawstring comes out or is lost in the wash and there is no easy way to string it back inside? In cases like those, you oftentimes reluctantly let go of a favorite piece of clothing. But now, with EZstringer, you can restring the drawstrings that come out or replace those that are already torn, easily and in a jiffy!

Reinserting a drawstring can really be time-consuming and oftentimes almost impossible to reinsert. If you use a wire coat hanger or safety pins, you are bound to damage the clothing item. Some people use a metal bodkin (a tool that looks like an oversized needle with a large eye and a blunt pointed edge) to pull anything through a casing. EZstringer is like a metal bodkin but gentler to your clothes and safer to use. Even a child can safely use this because it is made of hard plastic. All it takes is three easy steps. First, feed the replacement drawstring into the crevice of the EZstringer. Then guide and slide it through the waist area where the old drawstring used to be, if you are trying to restring pants, shorts or skirts. Or guide it through the cowl of sweaters. It goes in easily in one end and out the other. Now your favorite garment is as good as new with a new drawstring, thanks to EZstringer.

With your order you get EZstringer in three sizes: small, medium and large as well as a pack of drawstrings. Never fret again about how difficult it is to re-lace your garments. Get EZstringer now.

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