The Element EcoWear clothing store is the ideal one for those who prefer to be eco-friendly and for those who don’t think about it when choosing what to wear. With ultra-soft material tailored into stylish designs - the comfort and the way these clothes drape so well it brings out the best of the one who is wearing - are some of the reasons why Element EcoWear is the designer brand to use.

Why is it better to wear eco-friendly clothing?

Aside from the fact that these are biodegradable, the natural fiber that is woven to create the fabric has a kind of softness that is incomparable.

The fabric is dyed using natural material. From pastels to strong earth colors, there is a special look that is created. Like the draperies that have been hanging on the walls of castles for centuries, natural dyes hardly fade.

Eco-friendly clothing is hypo-allergenic. Even if you are not susceptible to allergies, using clothes that won’t trigger an allergy is worth your consideration. A slight rash, itchiness, flaky skin, and dry skin, you greatly reduce the risk of these minor skin irritations from occurring by wearing clothing made from fabric which ‘breathes’ such as Element EcoWear.

Eco-friendly clothing is non-toxic. We try to surround ourselves with things to lower our exposure to toxins. We dread pollution and toxic waste. What are you wearing right now? What touches your skin? Even if the toxicity level of the fabric is very minimal and possibly will do no harm, the concern still should be there.

Element EcoWear Shop

These clothes are fair trade certified. The fabric that is used to create this designer brand of clothes varies from organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and soy.

When you visit the site, you will find that they have a complete clothing line for men and women such as pants, hoodies, jackets, and tops. This clothing store also has athletic pants and yoga outfits. What’s more, there is also an option to create customized t-shirts by choosing a graphic design.

The store that does more for you and our environment is a pleasure to shop at. See the complete line of Element EcoWear and check out the various t-shirt graphics to choose from.

Stay eco-friendly with Element EcoWear.