Want beautiful gowns as cheap as a new dress? When Brooke Ritzman was planning her wedding in 2003, she wore a designer-labeled gown at 30% off the retail price. Since she was in the wedding gown industry, she had helped more than 1,000 brides to find the perfect gown at a low price.

As she was purchasing these designer-labeled discounted gowns, she made a discovery - these same gowns may be bought at lower prices.

Apparently, there are certain factories that make gowns for designers - and have the same gowns for sale without the label. These non-labeled gowns are priced at 70% less than the designer-label retail price.

These non-labeled gowns are made with fabulous material that falls wonderfully to drape around the body. Finely tailored, these gowns are excellent.

Everybody knows the reason why designer-labeled gowns are so expensive is because of the quality of material, the way it was sewn, and the label. Take off the label, and the price drops.

Non-labeled Gowns

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For other occasions like a prom, cocktail party, and a formal dinner, there are also non-labeled gowns to choose from. Be the belle of the ball. Look fantastic and make heads turn. No one needs to know that the gown you are wearing is non-labeled.

You can wear a designer brand gown without spending thousands of dollars now that you have access to Brooke's discovery.

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