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East Coast Fashiona: Stylish Comfort

Love to stay cool while hanging out? Tired of old boring tank tops? Want matching shorts and tops? Hey, something like this military top and shorts might be your type!

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There are also many nights out that we would like to dress up like Paris Hilton. It could be a fun night with pole dancing or a girl's night out that ends up with going to Chippendale's, and the cover-up clothes just won't do!

East Coast Fashions: Star Struck Clothing

For performers, dancers, and girls who want to have fun, East Coast Fashion has so many items that you may want. More bling, hotter, and even light up clothes like this purple ensemble!

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If you have been looking for the latest style in pants, you can be on top of trend and find the coolest ones ever! Check these out!

And, these Tattered Pants! So cool!

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There are some days a woman (and men) wants to dress up in hot items but it's such a hassle to shop in public places for that little skimpy dress, sexy underwear, and other items that would scandalized the conservative people. Yet, every woman has to have a few items that will make their partner's jaw drop when they wear it like bikini tops with tassels with matching thongs, or fishnet cover-ups with sexy underwear.

Warning: Some of the items at East West Fashions are rather shocking and is for the brave and the bold, those who like clubbing, or want ultra-hot clothes! If you want to bring the zing back into a relationship or have been looking for alluring clothing, this no hold's barred review might bring out the pole dancer in you!

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