How many times did you try to put on some clothes directly out of the washing machine? How much time do you spend after the washing cycle is complete to dry and iron your clothes? Usually clothes come out the machine pretty wet and wrinkled, soliciting you at least for 15 minutes more. But that's about to change because you can order the Dry Fast Dryer Blanket, a eco friendly solution for faster drying your clothes with way less wrinkles! The Dry Fast Dryer Blanket dries your clothes up to 40% faster and eliminates wrinkles and static, allowing you to wear the freshly washed clothes faster and without the discomfort of static or the effort of ironing. All you have to do is place the Dry Fast Dryer Blanket in the washing machine at the beginning of the drying cycle.

The blanket is a true scientific achievement, as it has six distinct layers that will absorb the moisture out of the clothes and will turn it into steam that will be subsequently released over the clothes, making the drying process up to 40% faster! This is a worldwide acknowledged solution, as it is the way that hotels and hospitals deal with the high number of clothes and other textiles. It's all about the speed and the money you save! If the dry point of a regular load of clothes is reached after 20 minutes, the Dry Fast Dryer Blanket will help reach the dry point in only 2 minutes. Just relax, save money on electricity and dryer sheets and let the Dry Fast Dryer Blanket do the drying and ironing for you!

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