When you’ve got a lot of jewelry like earrings, rings and necklaces, keeping them in a neat, orderly way so they can be easily located is a dilemma. Putting them in their original boxes occupy space. But dumping them all in a huge jewelry box also gets them in tangles that you need to sort out painstakingly every time you need to use a pair of earrings or necklace. Diva Dangler is the solution to this, as created by two female inventors from Burlington, Vermont.

Diva Dangler takes the hassle out of finding  the right costume jewelry to go with your outfit because all your earrings, necklaces and rings are beautifully hung and displayed on the wall with one of two decorative bows that come with your order, or made to stand on a vanity table or dresser with a custom-designed ring stand as its base. Why keep all your costume jewelry in boxes, left to mix and tangle, when you can put them up on your wall or on a table framed beautifully as though they were furniture décor. Your order includes two frames that can be reversed so you get four different looks at any one time: a reversible frame in leopard/silver and a reversible frame in pink damask/gold. You also get a pink and black bow to mix and match. The custom ring stand can hold as many as 32 rings. Spruce up your room’s walls by hanging the frame on the wall, changing frame side once in a while to get a different look. Or double the capacity of the Diva Dangler by letting it stand.

The backing of the Diva Dangler is made of mesh, unlike other jewelry holders that have fixed hooks in them, which also limit the number of pairs you can hang. The mesh lets you hang your earrings wherever you want. You can even do it in the dark! Just reach for the Diva Dangler with your earrings and hook them. And if you have small earring sets, you can hold more easily.

Organize your earrings, necklaces and rings with Diva Dangler and worry no more about finding the right one to match your outfit. You get a space saver, jewelry organizer and furniture accessory all rolled into one.

Order Diva Dangler HERE.