Curve ControlTight, slim jeans make you look sexy -- but only if they fit well. Unfortunately, many jeans don't. Jeans made of material that do not stretch end up revealing midsection bulges or push them further up so that they clearly show through your tshirt. Other tight jeans make you struggle while trying to close them or result in wardrobe disasters when you sit down and the pants fall below your hips revealing underwear. Here is where Curve Control is a winner. It molds to your body and shows a slimmer, sexier you without those wardrobe disasters.

Curve Control - Slimming Jeans is made of a special denim weave that contours to your body. It doesn't matter if you are slim or much larger. Curve Control - Slimming Jeans adjusts to the curvature of your body, giving you the fit and comfortable feel of stretch jeans. As it molds your body, it lifts your bottom, flattens the bulges on your tummy. Its high waistband fully supports your midsection, flattening out the "muffin top" effect that other jeans make. Larger-than-usual back pockets cover most of the derriere area, making it look flatter and slimmer. Curve Control - Slimming Jeans come in a dark wash and we know that dark colors give a slenderiing effect. The outer seams of the jeans are located more to the front of the thighs, giving a longer, slimmer look to your legs. Curve Control - Slimming Jeans comes in a wide range of sizes: from 3/4 all the way to 23/24. So whether you are petite or extra large, there is a Curve Control - Slimming Jeans pair that is sure to fit you.

Look greater in jeans than you've ever looked before. Once you try on a pair of Curve Control - Slimming Jeans, you will surely stock up your wardrobe with their jeans that will never go out of style.

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