Have your heard about the CovFurs which instantly transforms boots to have a new look? It's the only one of it's kind! You're going to love this CovFurs review that gives your boots and other footwear a fashion style statement like never before!

Most of us have boots that may have a little fur edging on top. Sometimes the decorative fur can be as big as two inches. CovFurs gives you more as these are like leg warmers that add a decorative flair to your style.

CovFurs is made from faux fur so no animals were harmed in the making of these. While your wearing them you won't be pelted by animal lovers like what the did to Kim Kardashian.

CovFurs comes in three different looks which are Elegant Black, Brown Chinchilla, and Wild Leopard.

Turn your old boots into new ones. Use the CovFurs for special occassions. CovFurs foot accessories can be used for more than just boots.

You can use them for your sandals, pumps, high heels, and flats. These will look great on top of leggings and skinny jeans.

CovFurs may be made to look tall or pushed down for low cut boots. When you want to get the look you've got the latest foot accessory which is CovFurs.

When you order any CovFurs, you get a pair of CovFurs Cuffs which are worn around your wrists like bands. These are so nice and furry - you'll just love the total look that you can create with these CovFurs cuffs and foot accessories.

Add a decorative fashion accessory to upgrade your wardrobe instantly. Get the new CovFurs today and take advantage of this CovFurs review's special offer for ten percent off your next order and the free CovFurs cuffs too.