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Cleatskin Atheletes

Ideal for cleated sports such as golf, soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, track, wrestling, and more. You’ve seen them around and might have noticed the cool colors they have, but there is more to these cleats than meets the eye.

Protective gear for your shoes. The advantages are numerous. Aside from making your shoes last longer, it stops the marks on concrete and wood surfaces, which is a good thing for your playing field such as a basketball court.

Instead of tracking in the dirt and germs, place on a pair of Cleatskins before wrestling. Keeps the flooring neat as a pin when you come in to play and protects your shoes from direct exposure to the surface. This feature is especially needed by bikers, who don’t want to mar their carbon soles while walking.

If you wear a pair, the expensive shoes that you own will last longer. Help prevent wear and tear. Cleatskins are THE cleats.

The shoes that you are wear might be made for a certain sport activity. Instead of stepping onto a surface that it was not created for, wear a pair. Great for spiked shoes, when you are done with the game, instead of changing shoes, there are Cleatskins. No need to go to the locker to change shoes when you are going home. That’s one step less to take when getting out of atheletic wear. Stop lugging around the extra pair of turf shoes.

Cleatskins are so popular, Lil’ Wayne sang about them in his song, “I Feel Like Dying.” The specific line is, “You are so beneath my Cleats.” Hip hoppers love their cleats because they are neat.

See the new cleats on display at the official Cleatskin online store. These are the gear that totally suits your lifestyle.

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