What do you look for when you look for footwear? With most of your day-to-day footwear for running errands and doing other trivial tasks, comfort is probably key. When it comes to footwear for night-outs, parties and other occasions where you simply want to look good, you prioritize style. For a select few, sentimental value, uniqueness or what the footwear represents may even the basis for their choice of shoes. Chivalrous Culture, a new footwear brand created by none other than Diggy Simmons (hip-hop artist, reality TV star, and son of “Rev Run” of Run-DMC), combines style, functionality and inspired designs to give you incredibly sleek and one of a kind sneakers that you can use on both dress-down days and dress-up occasions.


The terms “chivalry” and “chivalrous” often bring to mind gentlemen, dashing and courteous at the same time. Chivalrous Culture footwear brings this high-spirited, gallant feel to its sneakers, combining bold design with sleekness, comfort and prices that the average man can afford.  The flagship model of Chivalrous Culture is the Hamachi sneaker which comes in a variety of styles: Platinum Grey Suede, Burgundy Patent, Caramel, Black Tumble and Tuxedo. Each is not only a different color but a different combination of materials, yet all designs maintain the same look of laid-back luxuriousness.

It is easy to get a pair of Chivalrous Culture sneakers. Simply click the link below and fill your virtual basket with the sneakers of your size and style. To help you pick a design, you can view different angles of each shoe by clicking on the images.  You can even zoom in on any part of the shoe by mousing over the part of the shoe you want to see enlarged. You can also refer to the size scale to help you pick the size of your sneaker. While you’re at it, you may also want to check out the Chivalrous Culture blog. There, you get the latest scoop on Chivalrous Culture’s events, contests, and various raves about gadgets, cars, places to see and so on.

Whether your goal is to stand out, look unique, or just look good, you’re sure to find a sneaker just for you at Chivalrous Culture. Get your new favourite sneakers today!