Just a quick review for all you ladies on what I think is the world's best ever sports bra. We all know the drill, it's what I call the “fitting room jump and bump test”. We jump up and down, sideways, and bounce all around to see if the bra actually supports, if is comfortable and if it doesn't give us uni-boob.

Champion Powersleek® Sports Bra has nailed it, trust me, and I can say that because I am a girl who used to be a 36DD. I am fairly athletic, I play soccer and do a lot of jump style sports training, so I need excellent support. There is nothing worse than when a sports bra doesn't support, and with every jump and turn you can feel your boobs literally drop. First off, ouch! Second, it's reducing the elasticity in your breast tissue decreasing the lifetime of your breasts' natural lift and perkiness. Result, slopey, sloppy boobs (aka: old boobs).

I have put a lot of my friends and teammates into this bra long before it was actually named the “bestselling wire-free sports bra for comfortable full support” featured on Oprah and in various fitness magazines. Not a single one of us has found a better sports bra. Maybe we should buy stock in Champion since we will be supporting their business as long as they keep supporting our boobs!

It's also a great bra for working around the house or in the yard, anytime when you might be working up a sweat. No uncomfortable wires or non-sweat absorbing materials. It's also a great bra for traveling! I remember traveling through Africa on a tour bus, which was actually more like a decked out cattle truck, and thinking the tour company should offer breast insurance coverage. Going over some of those bumps on the back roads was painful enough to make me put on my sports bra. I just felt bad for the other ladies who were left holding their breasts bump after bump, and I'm not kidding or exaggerating!

I really have nothing more to say other than the Champion Powersleek® Sports Bra is super comfortable but most importantly supportive, plus it still looks like I have 2 boobs instead of one big one. Oh, and Champion is always having 2 for1 sales. I currently own 6!

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