Brazilian SecretNot ever woman is blessed with the body – and the booty – of a supermodel. But their secret can now be yours. You can get the perfect behind that turns heads without hours on the Stairmaster. Imagine feeling all eyes on you as you walk away in confidence. Finally a product that lets every woman feel confident and beautiful in her skin!

Brazilian Secret is a simple way to transform your shape from flat to voluptuous. By wearing this comfortable undergarment you can add up to an inch to your bottom in the most flattering way. We have all envied the round healthy bottoms of celebrities gained by hours of hard work in the gym. With this product you get the result without all the effort, saving your precious time for other things. Brazilian Secret is sexy lingerie that enhances what you already having, giving you more confidence and a sexier silhouette.

Underwear that changes the shape of your body might sound uncomfortable, but Brazilian Secret is seamless so it doesn’t chafe. It is made of contoured microfiber that gently lifts and firms your glutes. Because it is seamless and well designed the fact that your behind is getting a little help will remain your little secret. It is completely discreet and looks like normal underwear. The product comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large and features an adjustable side strap for easy customization. It comes in black and nude. No matter what your size or color preference you can feel comfy and confident with Brazilian Secret.

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