Say hello to Blingeez Jewelry Organizer, your ultimate organizer system for earrings, rings and necklaces that keeps all your jewelry organized, neat and untangled. Hang it anywhere inside your bedroom, behind the closet door, in the bathroom and just about anywhere you’d like to display your jewelry. Never have to untangle necklaces. Never have to scrounge around inside the jewelry box trying to look for that matching earring. Everything is now neatly displayed and organized with Blingeez Jewelry Organizer.

It is really difficult to keep jewelry organized and easy to find among the rest of the jewelry. You have probably been in a situation where you are rushing to go to a party and cannot seem to find the pair of earrings  you want to wear. Earrings can also snag on necklaces; bracelets can get tangled up with chains, and rings can be lost in the loops of necklaces. This is where Blingeez Jewelry Organizer comes to the rescue.

A set of the Blingeez Jewelry Organizer comes with three hook sizes – one each for earrings, rings and necklaces. Each hook has a peel-off sticker at the back. Just peel and stick on any surface. Every pair of earrings, ring or necklace is clearly displayed. One look at the hooks and you can immediately spot the jewelry you want to use. Costume jewelry and even medals will look great as well on these hooks. Kids will want to have their own Blingeez Jewelry Organizer so that they can keep their own costume jewelry separate from the rest. No more squabbling over missing or lost items because now each one sees her own earrings, rings and necklaces in her own private area.

When you order Blingeez Jewelry Organizer you get not one, but three sets. That means 3 for earrings, 3 for rings and 3 for necklaces. You can hang over 200 pieces of jewelry with all those!

Say goodbye to tangled jewelry. Get Blingeez Jewelry Organizer and put order to your accessories.

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