Blingeez Jewelry HangerDo you find that your various jewelry items are so disorganized that you sometimes have difficulty finding the one you need? Jewelry boxes and drawers are the most common places where jewelry are kept but when you are in a hurry to leave for an important event, it can be pretty frustrating to open one box after another looking for just that one piece of jewelry you want to wear. Storing them in drawers can also result in different jewelry pieces getting entangled and it takes some time to untangle them. Sometimes jewelry that are too tangled can be damaged in the process of untangling them. With Blingeez Jewelry Hanger, keep all your jewelry well-organized and visible to the eye so you can immediately spot that jewelry that will go best with your outfit.

Blingeez Jewelry Hanger is the jewelry organizer that you need to keep necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings where you can see them and still save on space and prevent tangles. You can now throw away all those temporary jewelry boxes that just use up drawer space. Blingeez Jewelry Hanger attaches anywhere you want to store jewelry. It's so simple to install. Just peel and stick anywhere -- on walls, behind doors, inside cabinets and even on mirrors. You can attach Blingeez Jewelry Hanger in your home, office, school, gym and wherever you would need to take off jewelry and still keep it well-organized. With your order of Blingeez Jewelry Hanger you get three Blingeez for earrings, three for necklaces and three for rings. This entire 9-piece set can hold over 200 different pieces of jewelry. You can even hang your keys and medals here!

Peel and stick. That's all you need to keep all your jewelry in place when you use Blingeez Jewelry Hanger. You see everything all at once and save precious closet space at the same time.

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