If you are part of the law enforcement, military, firefighting or peacekeeping forces, your gear and attire need to be of high quality and must be able to ensure that you are able to discharge your duty with accuracy, speed, safety and high performance. The clothing, footwear, bags and backpacks and accessories needed for your job are carefully designed, created and tested by the people behind 5.11 Tactical Series.

5.11 Tactical Series is known worldwide as a leading supplier of everything needed by those in law enforcement, life-saving and military jobs. When you visit their site, you can choose from their clothing line that ranges from pants to shirts, shorts, outerwear, footwear, gloves, and eye protection. The FBI National Academy popularized the use of the tactical pants of 5.11 Tactical Series as these were made for rugged use, durability, long-time wear, and comfort. Their fire-retardant pants, made for firefighters and certified to NFPA 1975-2009 standard, feature extra-deep pockets, and double-time belt loops. The Wildland NFPA Woven Brush Pant, for example, even features  7 utility-sized belt loops, a self-adjusting comfort waistband, rear hook and loop closure flap pockets and large cargo pockets.

The shirts designed by 5.11 Tactical Series are made not only with comfort in mind but with functionality. For example, their concealed carry shirts are specifically designed to keep a licensed firearm out of sight. This is just perfect for covert operations and for plainclothesmen.

When you are in a police or military operation, it is not just your body that needs protection. So do your eyes. The eyewear line of 5.11 Tactical Series includes glasses that exceed ANSI Z87.1-2003 and EN 166 (F) High Velocity Impact Safety and Optical Standards, which means they are resistant against scratching, cracking and crazing. 5.11 Tactical Series eyewear is designed, developed, and manufactured by Wiley X Eyewear, known for precision manufacturing and state-of-the art quality control.

With the clothing, footwear and accessories you can get from 5.11 Tactical Series, you know that you can go out and do your job, no matter how critical and dangerous it can sometimes get, knowing that you are properly equipped with highly durable clothes and gear while staying comfortable at all times.

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