zpr bagGet to create the look that you want with Zpr Bag. Turn one bag easily into 9 fantastic designs by simply zipping them up. You can make them as big or as small as you want to, mix and match colors, or go plain solid and steady. The Zpr Bag is so versatile that you can make it into a shoulder bag, backpack, handbag, or even a clutch.

All you have to do to get to create your own new design is to zip together two strips of cloth. Add on as much as you want to get the size that you need and match the colors to have that unique and cool style. If you want to add on a strap after you're done and you're ready to go in your newly created fashion statement that only the Zpr Bag can give you. Be a trendsetter and identify yourself with your choice of colors. You never run out of designs as you can do whatever you want with the wide strips with just a little imagination. To start you off, you will be supplied with a highly-detailed instruction manual on how to work it.

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The color strips come in chocolate, sand, pink, teal, and lime. Buy all five Zpr Bags and every single set of pattern designs that you would need to come up with all the different kinds of bags that you will ever need to go with your wardrobe. Make sure you've got every single strip of color to give you a wide range of choices. Turn your bag into a standout statement by adding the gems that come free with your new Zpr Bag.

Every single bag you purchase will give you the 2 main strips needed to form the bag plus 50 designing accent gems that you can glue or sew on. This unique bag that will let the designer in you shine, and will cost you less than twenty dollars. What are you waiting for? Set a new trend and be unique with your brand new Zpr Bag.

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