One cleaner can clean nearly anything. A while back, it was exclusively used to for cleaning hotels such as Hilton. Now, it's available for home use.

This multi-purpose cleaner and spot remover will get rid of stains from rust, oil, lipstick, blood, wine, and more - from practically any surface and fabric items. No longer do you have to buy different kinds of stain removers like for the laundry, pet urine stains, and the carpet as there is one that will tackle all these tasks.

For over 30 years, White Wizard Spot Remover has been cleaning's first aid to remove stains and spots. This multi-purpose cleaner that is unassumingly packaged has proven to be highly effective in taking on all kinds of spot cleaning tasks and for larger areas.

When other cleaners fail to perform, when you need to remove more that one kind of stain, the only cleaner that will live up to your high expectations is the White Wizard Spot Remover 10 0z Tub.

What kind of stains can it remove?

From the simplest dirt to the toughest - to include paint and grease. Food stains from gum, ketchup, and chocolate. Pet urine stains and grass stains. The list of things this multi-purpose cleaner can erase to leave no trace is practically endless.

Get rid of all kinds of stains

On what things may it be applied?

Use it on nearly all kinds of surfaces like vinyl and leather.
It can be used to pre-soak fine linen to heavy clothing before laundry
To remove stains from carpets, rugs, and upholstery,
To clean the floor, furniture, and appliances
To clean the automobile

Is the White Wizard Spot Remover safe? Yes, it is:

*Non toxic
*Non flammable
*Non abrasive

Finally, there's only one cleaner that you need to buy for a variety of purposes... A cleaning aid for all reasons. Where there is a spot that should be gone, a mark that has to be erased, and an area that has to be thoroughly cleaned – there is this spot remover that does it all.

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