Shoulder DollyThe SHOULDER DOLLY makes lifting easier!

This is a revolutionary system for moving heavy and bulky objects by using leverage. The SHOULDER DOLLY is a two person lifting system that allows movers to maintain an upright posture while lifting any object. By using the webbed harness over your shoulder muscles, and lifting with your legs, the mover will significantly decrease strain and risk of injury to the lower back, hands, biceps and forearms.

Use the SHOULDER DOLLY to move:

  • Mattresses
  • shoulder dolly moving fridge

  • Couches
  • Dressers
  • Washers / Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Large Electronics
  • Furnaces / HVAC
  • Landscaping Items
  • Construction Material


  • Patented technology - Makes lifting easier!
  • Hands Free
  • Less Risk of Injuries
  • Stand upright when going up/down stairs
  • No more damage to walls & floors
  • Strong & durable
  • Adjusts easily to furniture size
  • Increases efficiency
  • Less back strain
  • Ergonomic design
  • Uses the strongest muscles in your body – Legs!
  • Reduces Hand, Back and Arm Strain

Steps to ensure a successful and safe lift:

shoulderdolly1. Pull the harness on like a shirt — make sure the buckle is in front of you and the word “FRONT” is facing up.

2. Place lifting strap under the bulk of the weight of the object you wish to move. (The strap should be under the majority of the weight – Eg: place towards the back of a couch)

3. Bend your knees — the deeper you bend, the higher the item will be lifted.

4. Weave the lifting strap through the buckle – Start with webbing going under the buckle, then weave behind the larger metal rod, then over the top and thread between the two rods. Pull the webbing through the buckle until tight.

5. Adjust the length of the strap. Each person should have equal amounts of strap between the object and the buckle.

6. With straight arms, push against the object you are moving (VERY IMPORTANT!).

7. Simultaneously push with your arms, and slowly straighten your legs — balancing the object with your arms.

8. Communicate at all times with your lifting partner.

Key Features/Benefits of the Shoulder Dolly Lifting System:

1. Safety – Hands and arms are not constrained

2. Relies on large muscle groups – Shoulders and Legs

3. Full adjustment capability

4. Easier Placement - Benefit of one strap instead of two

5. Durable

Safety First – Keep your hands free:

· Free hands/arms: The Shoulder Dolly recognized the need for your arms to be unconstrained. The need for stabilization, opening doors, and overall balance is all attained with the Shoulder Dolly.

Improper lifting techniques are responsible for a large percentage of back injuries. Techniques that keep you safer include using mechanical aids, keeping your back straight and using balance.

Conclusion: Don’t risk your safety by using products that constrain your arms

Shoulder Dolly Uses the Bodies Strongest Muscles – Shoulders and Legs:

Correct and easy lifting is done with leverage! The weight distribution of heavy objects should be on strong muscles – Shoulders and Legs! These are the two strongest muscle groups in your body. Let them take the brunt of your work – not your arms or your back.

Shoulder dolly strapsBoth genders can use the Shoulder Dolly. Women as well as men find the Shoulder Dolly easy to use due to relying on leg instead of arm strength.

Conclusion: People can squat much more weight than they can lift with their arms.. By lifting with the shoulders and legs, moving is safer and easier.

100% Adjustable to all Object Sizes:

The Shoulder Dolly utilizes an adjustable tension buckle. These buckles allow for nearly unlimited increments of adjustment.

The Shoulder Dolly uses one strap that is 12’ long by 5” wide. Due to the tension hardware system, this allows for complete adjustment to whatever object you are carrying.

Differences in the height of movers are overcome due to the adjustability of the webbing through the buckle.

Conclusion: With the increased adjustment capacity, the Shoulder Dolly will lift a broader range of objects and work in more situations.

One Strap:

The Shoulder Dolly uses a one strap design to allow for exact placement of the lifting strap. The center of gravity for many objects is not always in the center of objects. For off centered objects, the Shoulder Dolly gives you the latitude to place the webbing properly. You are able to adjust with the product, rather than using the strength of your body to counterbalance the load.

Set Up: The one strap with the Shoulder Dolly is easier to set and release than a two strap system. Slide the one strap under the item.

Release/Unloading: It is much easier to exit a load/unload with a One Strap system. To release, you turn the metal buckle horizontally and the webbing will release from its locked position.

Conclusion: Using one strap allows for better weight control, and easy of set up and release.

dollystrap mattressDurability:

The Shoulder Dolly has 3 separate pieces; 2 harnesses and one moving strap. The strap is the only item that touches the object being moved. The carrying strap can be purchased as a replacement part. Other products require you to purchase the entire product again.

Should any of the items start to show wear due to usage, (or get lost) the customer is able to replace any of the items individually.

Conclusion: Quality lasts.

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