Taking care of your household has never been so easy! Try The SWEEPA One Sweep Broom and you will experience a different, easy way to clean everything up! This revolutionary and scientifically patented cleaning tool can handle dust, lint, dirt and you can even use it to clean the snow off your car. Don't worry about scratches, because the SWEEPA One Sweep Broom is built from polymers, that are very resistant but also very durable and soft, making it an ideal solution for wooden floors also (remember, no scratches!).

You can use it on virtually any surface, from ceramic to concrete without the risk of wearing it down. The SWEEPA One Sweep Broom even takes care of one of your biggest cleaning nightmares- pet hair stuck in carpets. One sweep with The SWEEPA One Sweep Broom and all the animal hair is gone! With a comfortable 56” handle, The SWEEPA One Sweep Broom is an ideal solution for cleaning windows or scrubbing your floors without standing on your hands and knees. And after you're done, all you have to do is clean the broom with water. All the dirt will come off instantly.

With The SWEEPA One Sweep Broom around, you'll have a perfect solution for cleaning everything in and out the house. And the special build system with polymers assures that The SWEEPA One Sweep Broom will last for years to come! So don't hesitate and order your SWEEPA One Sweep Broom now and your household will be clean with a fraction of the effort!

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