What's the eco-friendly way to get floors cleaner than ever before?

Microfiber is an excellent cleaning material. A Star Fiber Star Mop has a wide rectangular microfiber pad. For any kind of floor, there is no need to vacuum or sweep anymore – as whether it is dust, dirt, or spills, this mop can clean it up.

Wet or dry

When a floor needs cleaning, you may need to remove more than just dust. Liquids spills, mud gets tracked, cigarette ashes drop… wet or dry, a Star Fiber Star Mop can be used for general cleaning or quick mop ups.

Highly absorbent, the strong material will stay intact as it tackles the task. Frayed strings from mop heads are a thing of the past when you use this kind of lint-free mop.

More than cleans

The microfiber pad is rectangular and flat - so it won't leave streaks like an ordinary mop. Aside from getting rid of the dust build up, you can polish the floors by working it like a buff.

Since the pad covers the sides, it cleans the corner instead of moving the dirt to the side of the wall. For efficient cleaning, the ideal mop to use is a Star Fiber Star Mop.


Save money on floor cleaning aids. All that this mop needs is water and even without being wet, it can still clean as that is one of the distinct qualities of microfiber.

The other qualities include the fact that it has electromagnetic properties that won't spread the dust plus can reduce the bacteria of what is cleaned by 99%.

Soaking an ordinary mop into a cleaning solution, wringing it, and rinsing it are 3 steps. This mop requires only 1 step.

Reusable pad

When the microfiber pad is dirty, it can be washed. Unlike disposable pads or paper towels, using this mop is the green way to clean and help save our resources. The pad can be washed up to 300 times.

With a large 17" x 6" mop head, wider areas may be cleaned in a shorter period of time. Weighing less than one pound, cleaning the floors is no longer a chore.

What do you use to clean floors?

Does it work as well, save you money, and make cleaning easier like this one?
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