Microfiber pads provide extra cleaning mopping power whether the floor is wet or dry. Heavy duty, even the smallest specks of dust ingrained on the surface is removed. Spills are easier to mop up with the Star Fiber Microfiber Refill Pad.

To get rid of dust, dirt, grime, liquid, or semi-liquids, go green as you clean,with the Star Fiber Microfiber Refill Pad Set of 3. This is the ideal mop head for a Star Fiber Star Mop.

Microfiber Refill Pad Set

What makes this microfiber pad better than other mop heads?

A reusable refill pad can be washed 300 times
It reduces the bacteria of surfaces cleaned by 99%
Lint-free, it won't leave streaks or residue
Electromagnetic property attracts dust to mop head
Holds up to 7 times it's weigh in water
Absorbs oil and other thick liquids
Can be used on nearly all kinds of floors
Does not require the use of cleaning aids
Can be use to polish floors

Be eco-friendly and clean more efficiently.

Instead of vacuuming or sweeping the floor, use a Star Fiber Star Mop with the Microfiber Refill Pad Set of 3 so you can make the task a lot easier. Get all the advantages of using microfiber cleaning pad to clean and shine floors.

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