Here's the Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner, another Shark product in our series of cleaning tools reviews. The lightweight Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner kills germs and can be used on floors and carpets. Clean up is easy, even messy spills can be tackled with one of the most popular Sharks, the Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner.

How clean are your floors? Are you still using a mop or a broom? A very heavy carpet steamer and vacuum? Do these old-fashioned cleaning tools remove the deeply-ingrained dirt and kill the bacteria? The Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner does!

With one sweeping motion, you get to clean up an area with the wide, flat, and thick mop head. As you use the Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner, the steam cleans and sanitizes at the same time. The dirt will be lifted up by the mop head and the steam will subject the floor with the heat from the water vapor for you to do the task with an efficiency level you never had before!

Lightweight, the receptacle for the water that will turn into the steam that you will use to clean is in the mop handle. The Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner can swivel and even the mop head can turn to make it easy to do the parts that has angles such as corners. The Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner handle may be moved down for you to be able to clean under tables and other similar kinds of furniture.

The Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner has two kinds of head attachments. One is used for floors such as hardwood or tile and the other one is for steam cleaning carpets and area rugs. This is a feature that is hard to find. That's because when the area to be cleaned on a carpet is wet or damp, it can be refreshed and the dirt and all the liquid will be picked up by the special mop head of the Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner.

Make cleaning easy and remove the harmful bacterial on the floors and carpets with the Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner. Ensure that the cleaning task is done more efficiently. This Shark Steam Pocket Cleaner is one of the handiest cleaning tools of the Shark reviews series.

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