This Shark Professional Steamer review helps you glide to high-tech clean with the power of steam! What mopping up, sweeping, and vacuuming can't do, Shark Professional Steamer will do for you! And, with review, you will discover that it cleans more than floors! Continue reading as you will love the freebie in store!

Shark Professional Steamer
Cleaning More Efficiently

We all have to clean up our floors. Dust settles on it, dirt drops on it, spills mess it up, footwear leaves tracks and brings in the dirt from outside, and more. The usual methods of cleaning the floors entails the use of a broom, a mop, or a vacuum. After cleaning the floor, one may apply wax or use a polisher to make it shine.

Yet, all those old methods fail to kill the bacteria that thrives on the floor. That's why hospitals use disinfectant solutions to get rid of bacteria on the floors. To clean hospital floors, it has to be vacuumed, then the disinfectant solution is place on it for 15 minutes, then it is mopped off. This takes time and effort.

With Shark Professional Steamer, the cleaning process is done in one step!

As the steam mop head glides over floor, it will cover a large area with the 12 inch rectangular head, clean corners with the triangular head, and allow you to clean crevices and grout lines with the direct steam nozzle to:

- remove dirt, dust, and liquids
- kill bacteria
- shine the floor

For professional cleaning, to sanitize surfaces, and kill bacteria, use the Shark Professional Steamer.

The Shark Professional Steamer may also be used on area rugs and carpets by placing the carpet glider attachment.


Steam Cleaning. The heat of the steam, under controlled testing condition, gets rid of over 99.99% of bacteria, such as E.coli, staph, and salmonella.

Intelligent Steam Control. With 3 selections, one may use this versatile steamer to dust, mop, or scrub.

Washable Microfiber Pads. Double-sided, turning it provides a new pad. When these are dirty, it's a breeze to clean using the washing machine.

The Shark Professional Steamer comes along with a Portable Steam Pocket that will clean and sanitize bathroom counters, showers, tubs, sinks, and more. This may also be used to freshen upholstery and bedding. And, because of the steam, it also kills dust mites!

This Shark Professional Steamer review provides you with the quicker and more efficient way to clean.