ScrubKingI have a bad wrist and it makes it hard for me to do any kind of scrubbing. Every time that I do any kind of scrubbing I end up having wrist pains. These pains can last for as long as a few days to a week which makes it very hard for me to do my job each day. I have a very hard time trying to keep my house clean when I can't even scrub the things that need to be scrubbed. I end up putting off some of the housework that needs to be done until I end up needing to hire a house cleaner to do the scrubbing, this has become harder to do in this economy. That is why I was so happy when I found out about the Scrub King Cordless Scrubber.

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After I got the Scrub King Cordless Scrubber I went into the bathroom to attempt to conquer the scrubbing that needed to be done in there. I was impressed by the simplicity of the instructions that came with the scrubber. It is lightweight which I also liked, and it looked as if it would really work. I went to town scrubbing my bathroom that day and it ended up shining like it had never shined before. I couldn't believe how clean my bathroom had became and it was finished so fast. The best part of all was that my wrist didn't bother me at all once I was done with all of that scrubbing.

I now use my Scrub King Cordless Scrubber for anything and everything that I can use it for. Now I don't have to put off my household chores that require scrubbing, all I have to do is to pull out my scrubber and get to it. I feel fine when I am finished and everything shines like it is new. I can't believe the difference that the Scrub King Cordless Scrubber makes to my house and to my wrist. I can't even describe how glad I am that I found this product.

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