Remove up to 7 layers of paint without damaging the environment with chemical-based paint removers. Ready Strip Half Gallon is a technologically advanced stripper that can strip several layers of paint and varnish while remaining environmentally friendly.  You’ll never have to guess when Ready Strip Half Gallon’s paint removal process is done because its Color Change feature will tell you so. Paint stripping has never been easier.

In many cases, using ordinary paint or varnish removers are not quite that effective because they are taken off even before the stripper’s process is done. Taken off too early, it does not remove all paint layers. Left too long, it dries out and when removed, sometimes it takes some grain off the wood. With Ready Strip Half Gallon’s Color Change feature, you apply the stripper on the area where you want the paint removed. When the stripper coating turns off-white or pale green, it signals that it is ready to be removed. That takes the guesswork out of paint stripping and ensures that you are successful all the time!

Ready Strip Half Gallon is a semi-paste. That means when applied on vertical surfaces or ceilings, it holds fast to the surface and does not drip to the floor or other furniture. It can strip paint off most surfaces – metal, brick, marble, fiberglass, formica, plaster moldings, wood, concrete, masonry and most everything else. It works on both oil- and water-based paint varieties including
latex, stains, alkyds, and polyurethanes.

Ready Strip Half Gallon is biodegradable and has no toxic fumes. It’s safe to apply indoors or outdoors. There’s no need to wear a protective mask while applying it. And when you are done stripping paint or varnish, it easily cleans up with ordinary water.

Repainting walls, ceilings and furniture has never been easier than with Ready Strip Half Gallon. Because of the ease of stripping paint, you not only save time and effort but you also save the environment.