When it comes to bathing my dogs, I used to put it off as long as I could. I would bathe the dogs in the bath tub during the winter months and have to use a cup to try to get their coat wet and then I would have to use a cup to try to get all of the suds out of their coat. This was difficult and very time consuming. During the summer months I would end up taking the dogs out into the backyard and bathing them with the hoes. Once again I would have to wet their coat with the hose and then try to get all of the shampoo applied to their coats. Then I would have to spend a lot of time rinsing the suds out of the dogs coat. This is the reason why I would put off their bathing until it was absolutely necessary.

When I first heard about the Rapid Bath I knew that this was exactly what I needed to get for myself. It would make bathing both of my dogs so much easier. I went ahead and ordered it and I was anxious to see if it worked as good as it claimed to. I washed both of my dogs with it about a week after it arrived and I was glad to see that it did work just as well as the web site said it would. I had both of my dogs completely bathed in the same amount of time that it used to take me to bathe just one dog.

The Rapid Bath made it so much easier to bathe my dogs. It put out the water and the suds at the same time and in a way which helped them both to penetrate all the way through their coats. This meant that I didn't have to spend a lot of time just trying to get the dogs coats wet. I was really surprised at how easy it was to bathe both of the dogs when I used it and I will be having better smelling and cleaner dogs from now on.