Forget those chemical-based cleaners in the market. It’s time now for more environment-friendly natural cleaners. If you’re looking for just the most nifty, easy to clean and effective cleaner in town, Quick and Brite 30 oz is it. This cleaner alone can replace most of the household cleaners you use every day. And is it tough on stains? You bet. Kitchen, carpet, upholstery and clothing stains -- be gone!

Chemical cleaners often clean as advertised. But at what cost? Many have toxic fumes, requiring good ventilation and who knows what after-effects on one’s health. Some cleaners are also tough on hands and you need thick gloves to protect your skin while using the products. With Quick and Brite 30 oz, you get a concentrated paste that not only gets the stains out but is so gentle on the skin and has no fumes at all.  It is gentle to both plants and animals so washing it off into soil or drains do not harm Mother Nature.

Because it is concentrated, you really need only a little bit of the Quick and Brite 30 oz paste to clean a large area. For ordinary house cleaning, 1-2 teaspoons diluted in a quart of water is sufficient. Make it 3 tablespoons in a quart of water and you get a powerful, yet environmentally safe cleaner for an entire kitchen, bathroom, garage, patio, or driveway. For carpet and clothing stains, Quick and Brite 30 oz  can be applied undiluted by rubbing a small amount on the stain. Kids, animals and food are safe when you use Quick and Brite 30 oz.

Tough stains won’t stand a chance against Quick and Brite 30 oz. It just goes to work and takes them out. Imagine how much money you can save as just one can of Quick and Brite 30 oz can last you several months. It’s a greener alternative to cleaning that is effective, biodegradable and non-toxic.