Do you use mops for your floor? Scouring pads for oven grills? Hand rugs for countertops? And still another set of rugs for washing your car tires? Now there’s no need to have different cleaning devices for your home. One Touch Steam Tornado is a 2-in-1 steam cleaner which can transform from a steam mop you use on floors to a handheld steam cleaner for countertops and other places that are easier to reach with a portable steam cleaner.

The One Touch Steam Tornado, when attached to its long handle, looks like your regular vacuum cleaner for floors. As an upright cleaning device for hard floors, the steam loosens dirt from the front with its jet stream velocity, followed by the mop pad sweeping up the loosened dirt as it comes from behind. Used this way, the One Touch Steam Tornado is perfect for cleaning all floor surfaces inside the house, including the kids’ bedrooms. It can also be used outside in the patio area.

When you want to reach places higher than floors like kitchen counter tops, sinks, appliances, grill gates and even toilet seat areas in the bathrooms, detach the One Touch Steam Tornado from the long handle and it turns into a portable steam machine. It is so lightweight and easy to raise so you could easily clean those hard-to-reach areas, high corners and even behind furniture. Even car tires can be cleaned with One Touch Steam Tornado. It uses ordinary water and not cleaning chemicals so the steam generated is safe to use. The bursts of steam clean and disinfect the areas it reaches, killing germs and bacteria in its path. One filling of One Touch Steam Tornado’s container is good for 30 minutes of steam cleaning so you can get a lot of clean-up work done in that amount of time. Buttons that control the One Touch Steam Tornado are right at your fingertips for spot cleaning. And it’s a money saver because the micro-fiber pads are washable and reusable.

Clean and disinfect your house safely and effectively with steam. You’ve got two different cleaning devices in one when you get the One Touch Steam Tornado.

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