Did your ever dream about a steam cleaner that can take care of your entire house? Well, let dreams aside and just order the One Touch Steam Tornado Mop! This mop will clean and sanitize your floors in no time and without using dangerous chemicals that can harm your children, your pets and even your furniture or carpets. But you don't have to resume your use of One Touch Steam Tornado Mop only to your floors or bathroom. You can even clean car tires, your grill or your microwave! It is a lightweight steam cleaner that you can use for hard to reach spots, behind furniture or in high corners.

The One Touch Steam Tornado Mop is “double the trouble” for germs and dirt, as it can easily be a upright or a hand held tool with only one simple touch. There is also a button for the steam intensity, when you want to blast some persistent stain or dirt with a strong blow. The One Touch Steam Tornado Mop uses water as a resource and not chemicals and will get rid of chemicals residues and fumes.

The 30 minutes steam program is more than enough to clean even those mysterious spots of dirt that you don't want to clean with your hands. Just place the One Touch Steam Tornado Mop over it and it will be gone. The steamer is also very easy to clean and uses reusable micro-fiber pads. It's the best thing to have around if you want to clean fast and for good any kind of residues on any type of surface without damaging it!

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