Mighty Thirsty Pop Pour DemostrationIf you need to clean up a big spill, you need the power of absorbency, regular sponges don’t have it, paper towels don’t have, but the Mighty Thirsty Sponge definitely does.

The Mighty Thirsty Sponge has the power to suck up and hold onto eight times its weight in fluid without spilling a single drop. That means that you can soak up an entire can of soda, bottle of beer or glass of juice in one room, then make it out to the kitchen sink without leaving a messy, sticky trail along the way.

If you have kids, throw parties, have pets or do a lot of cooking, odds are that you deal with a lot of spills on a regular basis. If you are trying to clean up those spills with an ordinary sponge or with paper towels or napkins, you are wasting plenty of time, effort and money. Get yourself the Mighty Thirsty Sponge and you can clean huge mess after huge mess quickly and easily, with no hassles what so ever.

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mighty thirstyThe Mighty Thirsty Sponge works on just about any surface – use it on tables, countertops, tile or wood floors and it will even help you clean up nasty spills on carpeting. Since it locks in the moisture that it collects, you get rid of the mess on the carpet, without creating more of a mess by dripping all of the way to the sink.

Once you’re done, simply rinse the Mighty Thirsty Sponge thoroughly with water and it’s ready to go when the next spill happens. Save time, money and effort by cleaning up all of your messes with the Mighty Thirsty Sponge.

Get The Mighty Thirsty HERE and Stop Wasting On Paper Towels that Only Get Half The Job Done.