Litter-RobotIt's wonderful to have cats around the house. They are very gentle animals and they always clean themselves. If you have cats or kittens at home, you know that they are clean enough to wander around your home. But there is one thing common to all animals: litter. And a cat owner knows that having a feline family around means regularly picking up their litter. This is a task you probably do 2-3 times a day if you want to keep your carpets free of cat litter. There are different kinds of litter boxes out there but some of them are not covered, or do not mask odors well enough. The  Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box frees you from this chore of picking up litter as it makes cleaning an automatic process and requires very low maintenance. You will be the owner of a litter box that cleans itself automatically, over and over again.

Here's what the Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box is all about. Its creative design actually resembles a tiny robot-like figure. Your cat will willingly enter its opening and do its business without exposing the waste. The Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box has a 7-minute counter that starts to sift the waste if the cat does not re-enter. This patented sifting mechanism efficiently separates clean litter from waste. As the unit rotates, the waste matter move towards, and fall into, a base drawer. The cat litter you buy need not be thrown out with the waste. It is rotated back into the Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box so you can use it several more times. That saves you a lot of  money! The Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box works with regular trash bags so you need not buy special ones. To combat odors, it has a breathable seal between the globe and the base with a carbon filter that neutralizes the smell.

Now you can go off for days on a vacation or a short business trip, knowing that while you are away, the litter of your feline pets will be well taken care of. Get the Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box now.

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