George Foreman's Everyday & More all purpose cleanerGeorge Foreman's Everyday & More is an all purpose cleaner that delivers knock out power. George Foreman gives you the winning advantage again with his latest and greatest green cleaning product. This green cleaning product gives you more savings than any other cleaner in the market today. It is an eco friendly cleaning concentrate that is simply added into water to make 32 bottles from one.

An all-in-one cleaning solution, the George Foreman's Everyday and More can be used on practically all surfaces. It is a safe cleaning product that is non-toxic so you can scrub counter tops, clean ovens and any practically any kitchen area with it. It's an excellent all purpose cleaner and you can use it on nearly everything you want to clean. It will clean every form of grime, dirt and grease by simply applying it and wiping or washing it off. This all purpose cleaner is so effective that it can get rid of stains from carpets and even laundry stains.

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What you will get when you but George Foreman's Everyday & More is the convenience of having to purchase only one cleaning product for all your needs. Create more space in your cleaning closet and own one of the safest and highly efficient cleaners in the world.

Spray it on and wipe it off. Spray it on and wash it off. No matter what kind of dirt you have to deal with with one application you can get rid of it. George Foreman has always delivered to us excellent products such as his grill that has proven to give you tasty and fat-free meals. He does it once more with the revolutionary cleaning product that will help make your life a lot easier and a lot less messier.

george2-w150-h150At the retail price of only $19.95 if you divide this by the 32 bottles that you can get from your one time purchase of George Foreman's Everyday & More, this means that every cleaning bottle costs less than a dollar! To be more exact - one bottle will cost you are 63 cents PLUS you're going to get 3 FREE scrubber sponges, a funnel and a microfiber towel. All you need for cleaning products and supplies that will last you a very long time and make cleaning practically anything a lot simpler can be yours by ordering today.

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