GarryvacEveryone knows what a pain in the butt vacuuming is, but there is one easy -- and cheap -- way to get those chores done: Garry Vacuum.

The Garry Ultra Light Vacuum is a professional quality sucking machine designed to have ultra-strong suction in an extremely light weight package.

The Garry vacuum comes with an extremely powerful 6,600 RPM brush to power off dirt and grime in one pass, unlike most vacuums that require you to go back and forth over and over.

Allergies are also snuffed out with the Garry system, and it's far more complete than any other hypoallergenic bag. The Garry vacuum bag is made up of eight scientifically designed layers -- five layers of germicidal outer bags, and three layer inner bag. This means that air passing through the bag is squeezed through tiny, .3 micron holes.

The Garry vacuum cleans the air while it cleans the floor.

The best thing about the Garry is how light it is. It comes in under 9 pounds.

So try the Garry Vacuum, it will cut cleaning time in half and won't be a pain the back or on your nose.